Monday Motivation

Today, we are all Irish! Right? At Sundays, Shamrock 5K, I PR-ed at 25:19. My watch never connected to GPS so I had to trust my instincts to guess my pace. Run Happy, Christy

Our Elf on the Shelf

This Christmas season has been a busy one. Work, training for a half marathon and getting in the gym hitting the weights. We were happy to have an Elf on the Shelf select our family to live with for a few weeks. When I introduced the girls to him they were very excited. They came … Continue reading

Monday Motivation XI

“You also need to look back, not just at the people running behind you but especially at those who don’t run and never will. .. Those who run and don’t race. Those who started training for a race and didn’t carry through. Those who got to the starting line but didn’t get to the finish … Continue reading

Be Thankful

I am so thankful for what God has done in my life. -He picked out my husband. -Blessed us with two little girls. -Placed me in my job. -He walks with me everyday. He helps me know, I can do what ever I put my mind to. -God gives me the hope of heaven to … Continue reading

Monday Motivation X

I know I will never come in first in a race. But I will finish everyone I start. So, to me, that is winning. Run Happy, Christy Related articles Monday Motivation XIII ( Monday Motivation VII (  

Second Opinion

Just a few week ago, my husband (Ben) hurt his back. He has a a very physical job of lifting, pushing, pulling…  He also did some tile work in the house that weekend. He could not pinpoint exactly when he hurt it. But he was in extreme pain. He had a hard time walking, getting … Continue reading

Monday Motivation XIII

When you think no one is looking or no one will notice. You might be surprised  who was watching you the whole time. I hope to teach my girls to eat healthy and stay active.     “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” “Take care of you body, it’s the only place you … Continue reading

Tough Mudder, 2013 Finisher

On November 2nd, my step father, sister-in-law, and I did Tough Mudder. My husband trained for it but one week out, he hurt his back and was unable to participate. We started at 815am. We chose an early wave in hopes that the course would still be fresh. We thought we would be arriving an … Continue reading